About us

Clinics Direct is an international platform that provides patients with services to solve any medical problems.

We are a team of doctors-experts in the selection of individual medical solutions.

Our mission is to provide information to a patient who need a treatment abroad, and then they can receive a treatment programme as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to eliminate all obstacles on the way to your health, and most importantly - for us it's easy!

Clinics Direct

How does it work?

  • on our site you can get an information about clinics and profile doctors then to book yourself for treatment programme in one CLICK
  • you can leave a request or call and our doctor-coordinator will pick up everything you need for your treatment
  • we appreciate your time and energy, so we are ready to take the whole trip organization from booking air tickets and the hotel - to the airport meeting and your comfortable return home
  • you will receive a standard treatment program within a few hours
  • you can compare the price of any diagnosis or operation for all clinics directly HERE
  • we will stay in touch with you 24/7


We guarantee:

  1. 100% expert of doctors
  2. 100% Privacy Policy
  3. 100% of solving your health issue
  4. 100% price checked
  5. Individual approach
  6. 24/7 Support