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Istanbul, Turkey

Liv Istinye

Liv Istinye is one of the University Clinics of the Medical Park network, part of the Liv Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The doors of the clinic were open not only for Turkish citiz… Read more
Istanbul, Turkey

Medipol Mega University Hospital

The hospital complex "Medipol University Hospital" is the largest private multidisciplinary medical center in Turkey and one of the recognized leaders in the field of medical touri… Read more
Madrid, Spain

HM Hospitales

This network of medical institutions HM Nospitales is well known in Spain and beyond. The very first hospital was founded in 1989. The high quality of services provided, reasonable… Read more
Istanbul, Turkey

Medicana Hospitals Group

Medicana is a medical group of hospitals dedicated to the development of health tourism in Turkey and has become one of the important centers for the treatment of international pat… Read more
Barcelona, Spain

Medical and Surgical Center ServiDigest

ServiDigest Clinic - specializes in the treatment of diseases in the field of gastroenterology, endocrinology, nutrition, dietetics, diabetology and general surgery. It is the best… Read more
Bucheon, Korea

Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital

The Bucheon City Suncheon University Hospital is a central multidisciplinary medical institution that provides services for the examination and treatment of various diseases. There… Read more

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One of the most authoritative countries in choosing treatment. The experience of doctors, the development of new methods and therapy regimens for the most difficult diagnoses gives patients hope for recovery.

  • 6 Clinics 143 Doctors


Treatment in Germany as a brand, protocols and guideline which is used throughout Europe. University clinics and research centers are the key to success.

  • 8 Clinics 69 Doctors
  • 9 Clinics 157 Doctors

Clinics Direct is a modern company whose goal is to select the best solutions for

anizing treatment in foreign clinics. Our team consists of qualified medical assistants who work with each patient individually, providing him with support and assistance at all stages. We organize medical treatment abroad, coordinating and controlling each step-by-step process: we process applications, help in choosing the best clinic and specialist according to the diagnosis, and also support the patient until he returns home.