Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all information that Clinics Direct can receive from its Users.

We are committed to organizing the necessary level of Data Protection provided by Users of the website. Data and Customers can be obtained as follows:

Data can also be obtained through services that are used by the 3rd party. But in this way, Data can only be collected with the approval of the Site Administration.

The list of data that are processed:

In addition to the basic information, data from the user's browser is also taken into processing:

By entering into a Contract, the User agrees that his personal information (primary and secondary) can be transferred to the 3rd party, but on the basis of a special agreement between Clinics Direct and the 3rd party.

Data may be transferred for:

The site Administration is obligated to remove all information about the User from his Database if he makes a request. A written report, which is provided to the applicant, will attest to the resetting of user information.