Lausanne, Switzerland

Clinic Lemanic

Clinic Lemanic dermatological clinic specializes in various areas of plastic and dermatological surgery, laser therapy and provides a wide range of cosmetic services in Switzerland.


Directions at the clinic:

  • Classical dermatology.
  • Dermatology surgery.
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Aesthetic phlebology.
  • Clinical immunology.
  • Allergology.
  • Laser therapy.

The Lemanic Clinic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Veronique Emmenegger and Darrell Jacobs , located in the picturesque city of Lausanne, near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Geneva International Airport is a 30-minute drive from the hospital. The head of the hospital is the head physician, doctor V. Emmenegger is a renowned dermatologist and allergist with worldwide success in laser therapy and is a member of the FMH (Swiss Federation of Physicians) community.

Swiss Lemanic Hospital includes departments such as:

  • dermatology;
  • laser therapy and clinical research center;
  • aesthetic medicine (prevention and correction of skin flaws).

The popularity of the clinic is increasing every year, as is the number of patients who come to correct skin defects and rejuvenate from abroad, thanks to the constant introduction of proven innovative techniques into practice and renowned experienced doctors. Therefore, our portal Clinics Direct recommends booking a place in this aesthetic medical facility Lemanik in Switzerland. If you want to receive more detailed information, leave a request on our portal.

The clinic is equipped with modern laser equipment and has extensive experience in the use of laser therapy in the field of dermatology. The hospital offers its patients with a huge range of medical and aesthetic procedures based on the use of laser technology:

  • permanent laser hair removal,
  • sanding wrinkles of different depths,
  • scar correction,
  • laser rejuvenation
  • leg vein correction,
  • benign age spots,
  • pigmentation disorders, including vitiligo
  • treat acne, psoriasis, stretch marks, etc.


Lausanne, Switzerland

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Moscow - Geneva from $ 113;

Kiev - Geneva from $ 113;

Astana - Geneva from $ 260.

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65 km from Geneva International Airport to Lausanne

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Features of the clinic's medical staff:

The clinic employs the best experts in the field of beauty to make you beautiful. The number of medical personnel is about 50 people in the hospital. Doctors constantly improve their qualifications in internships at clinical, scientific and international meetings, apply modern techniques in the field of beauty.

High professionalism and quality of services provided are confirmed by patient reviews. The best expert in the field of aesthetic medicine is Veronique Emmenegger - chief physician, renowned expert in two categories: in the field of dermatology and allergology, founder and head of the Lémanic Clinic.

Modern technological base of the clinic

Clinic Lemanic has one of the most advanced technical bases in Europe.

  • Equipped with innovative equipment (18 laser systems are used: Diodes, LightSheer 800nm (Coherent), Ruby, Medlite IV CO2 laser, 10600nm (Sharplan), Erbium laser, (Coherent) and others.
  • Avene cabin (application of various treatments using Avene Thermal Healing Water).
  • Used in practice HUBER® - a medical device for posture (spine) correction, promotes rapid rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.

Innovative techniques used in the clinic in the field of aesthetic medicine for the prevention of aging:

  • Thermage is a non-surgical rejuvenation method, an alternative to a surgical facelift. The technology is based on the use of radio waves, thereby stimulating collagen production, which provides tissue lifting.
  • Laser rejuvenation. Lasers used in the clinic promote the formation of new collagen fibers by fibroblast cells. The procedure significantly improves the turgor of the skin - shallow wrinkles are smoothed out.
  • Lipomodeling is a low-traumatic liposuction. The technique is based on the use of its own fat to eliminate external body defects.
  • Liposculpture (Cellu М6) is a technique due to which correction of aesthetic defects in appearance is carried out by using one's own fat cells.
  • Mechanical lifting with LPG machine.
  • Cryolipolysis - the method is based on the effect of low temperatures on fat cells, which are destroyed, as a result, you lose weight in problem areas.
  • Aqua lifting is a new painless procedure that can improve the quality of the skin, eliminating imperfections such as wrinkles and scars. The technique is based on the action of a micro-jet of water and serum enriched with vitamins and minerals.
  • Peels and Microdermabrasion .
  • Various types of mesotherapy .

How much does the treatment at the Lemanik clinic for foreign patients cost?

Switzerland is considered one of the best countries in Europe in terms of medical development and life expectancy, and a lot of attention is paid to appearance and health. Most of the clinics and spa resorts in Switzerland specialize in different areas of aesthetic medicine. Among the leading clinics is the Lemanic Hospital ( Clinic Lemanic), which especially enjoys prestige among patients from abroad.

The standard of living in Switzerland is quite high, but the prices for medical services are more affordable than is commonly believed. For example, in Switzerland, plastic surgery services are much cheaper than in Moscow medical centers. Of course, given the cost of the flight and stay in Switzerland, it will be financially more expensive for you to undergo treatment and rehabilitation, but the quality of the services provided and the use modern techniques and the latest drugs will be an order of magnitude higher. The prices for treatment in the clinic depend on the type of procedure, the size of the correction zone, the number of sessions, the duration of treatment and many other factors. The advantage of the clinic is based on an individual approach to treatment.

Excellent service for all patients

For 15 years, the Lemanic Clinic has been providing the best quality services in various areas of aesthetics. The hospital provides a high level of hygiene and medical safety as well as confidentiality. All drugs used in practice, equipment, all procedures have quality protocols and meet all international quality and safety standards.

The Dermatology Clinic offers outpatient treatment for its clients.

The clinic has a department for the coordination of foreign patients, which will help to resolve organizational issues. Our Clinics Direct portal will help you in applying for visas and choosing a suitable hotel for your stay.

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