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Mediplex Sejong Hospital

Mediplex Sejong Hospital multidisciplinary hospital in the Republic of Korea specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. The best cardiocerebrovascular center in Asia.

Best of all, Sejong Medical Holding can be characterized as follows: a hospital that deserves the trust and love of patients.

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Mediplex Sejong Multidisciplinary Hospital is the medicine of the future, professionals you can trust. They use a system of prompt medical care, an individual approach to each patient. It is a new-format hospital and the only unified medical complex in Korea.

Mediplex Sejong Hospital is constantly developing and optimizing medical care provided by the interaction of narrow specialists.

The clinic has equipped 4-bed wards, provided with round-the-clock monitoring of the patient's condition.

Access to the children's inpatient unit is strictly controlled. For weakened children, single wards are equipped, there are also boxes with positive and negative atmospheric pressure.

Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are carried out as quickly as possible, and a comfortable atmosphere was created for patients in spacious rooms where it is convenient to relax after medical procedures.

Mediplex Sejong is a collaboration of many specialized centers, such as:

  • Cardiovascular Center - Receiver of Sejong Cardiology Hospital;
  • cerebrovascular center - is responsible for saving the lives of patients with pathology of the brain and spinal cord;
  • ophthalmological center - the system of operation of the Hangil eye clinic has been introduced;
  • Women's Health Center - leveraging the know-how of Seoul Women's Hospital;
  • pediatric center - diagnostics and treatment of cardiac infectious and bronchopulmonary diseases in children and adolescents;
  • international medical center - coordination of work with foreign patients;
  • therapeutic center - consultations of specialists in internal medicine;
  • surgical center - low-traumatic surgical treatment of pathologies;
  • orthopedic and rehabilitation centers are diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes.

The hospital has implemented modern algorithms for providing care to patients and patients with infectious diseases.

Sejong Hospital (Mediplex Sejong) in Bucheon, South Korea is a comprehensive and fast medical care, high-tech medical equipment:

  • 512-channel Revolution CT (accurate and fast diagnostics with CT of the latest specifications to minimize radiation dose);
  • 3 Tesla MRI (high-tech MRI for accurate diagnosis and a 40% reduction in diagnostic time compared to previous equipment).

The center of emergency medical care has, among other things, a round-the-clock duty of specialists in acute pathologies of cerebral vessels for a prompt response to a sharp deterioration in the patient's condition. For this, a special group of emergency medical care has been formed, a hybrid operating room and a single multifunctional unit providing safe and effective surgical care.

Sejong Hospital is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Human Services as the only cardiac institution in the country.

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