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The leader of modern medicine in Turkey, the Memorial Center, is a global network of large multidisciplinary clinics and their branches, known far beyond the borders of their country for the highest quality of provision of the most modern medical services to patients coming for treatment from 92 countries of the world. They are attracted by the effectiveness of the assistance provided, which is similar to the leading clinics in Europe and the United States, with the cost of treatment being 2-3 orders of magnitude lower.

Diagnostic and treatment prices

Diagnostic Price
PET CT $1000
Urologist's consultation
Specialist consultation
Operation Price
Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids)
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Liver transplant $80000 - $90000
Chemotherapy $3000
Removal of a brain tumor
Surgical Breast Reconstruction


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Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Oncology Otorhinolaryngology

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Dermatology Oncology

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Oncology Endocrinology

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Oncology Urology

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Memorial Hospitals Network

The leader of modern medicine in Turkey - the Memorial Center ("Memorial"), is a global network of large multidisciplinary clinics and their branches, known far beyond the borders of their country for the highest quality of providing the most modern medical services to patients coming for treatment from 92 countries of the world. They are attracted by the effectiveness of the assistance provided, which is similar to the leading clinics in Europe and the United States, with the cost of treatment being 2-3 orders of magnitude lower.

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Memorial Center in numbers

  • The medical and technical staff of the Memorial Center has more than 5,000 employees. Of these, more than 750 are doctors and almost 1300 are nursing staff.
  • The material and technical equipment and the base of the clinics allow us to apply and provide effective outpatient and inpatient care to 2 million and almost 150,000 patients, including about 20,000 foreign patients, within a year.
  • To carry out more than 53,000 complex operations (mortality does not exceed 3%).
  • More than 250 liver transplants (85% of a living donor).
  • At least 350 kidney transplants (99% success rate).
  • More than 120 bone marrow transplants (with almost 100% success).
  • Almost 1400 heart operations (mortality less than 1%).
  • More than 6000 IVF procedures.
  • More than 100 radical prostatectomies with the da Vinci robot.

Memorial Clinics specialization

The focus of Memorial clinics covers almost all areas of medicine - high-precision diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation:

  • oncological, hematological, cardiovascular, neurological diseases;
  • diseases of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • reproductive system, including infertility treatment and IVF;
  • prosthetics and reconstructive surgery, including bariatrics (obesity treatment);
  • rare genetic diseases;
  • transplantation of donor organs and bone marrow.

Achievements and benefits of Memorial clinics

Thanks to the perfect technical equipment of clinics, highly qualified personnel, including world-renowned doctors, specialists trained in the best medical institutions in the world, innovative technologies used in the treatment of various pathologies, the success in curing and improving the quality of life of patients reaches 90-99%. Center "Memorial" is the 1st medical institution in Turkey, where they began to successfully apply:

  • methods of capsule endoscopy and endostenting for the diagnosis and treatment of the small intestine;
  • IVF procedures using İCSİ (microinjections), success rate of 68%;
  • seamless corneal transplant;
  • selection of myocardial cells from embryonic stem cells;
  • kidney transplantation from a donor with a different blood group (success rate is 90%);
  • minimally invasive surgeries using the da Vinci system, AESOP robotic arm, Nano-Knife, Cyber-Knife , Gamma Knife devices, radiofrequency ablation , and other techniques.

It was in Memorial that, for the first time in the world and in Europe, the following were successfully held:

  • simultaneous kidney and liver transplantation to a child weighing 7 kg;
  • an effective course of treatment for a rare pathology - Ormond's disease, with the help of medical robotic technology;
  • heart surgery through a 6 mm mini-incision (heart valve replacement).

"Memorial" is the very first medical center in Turkey, which received JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation - a certificate of the world standard of provided diagnostic and treatment measures, quality of service, technical support of the clinic and staff qualifications. Memorial's own laboratory also became the first holder of the prestigious ISO 15189 certificate.

Diagnostics at the Memorial Center

Diagnostic departments in Memorial clinics provide different types of diagnostic programs:

  • Check-Up (Check-Up) is a general comprehensive examination of the body, for the prevention and timely detection of the rudiments of diseases in practically healthy people of different ages and sex.
  • An individual diagnostic program for an accurate diagnosis when symptoms of a disease appear.
  • A number of screening programs for the early detection of oncological diseases or disorders in the functioning of various organs and systems of the body.

In service with Memorial's diagnosticians:

  • clinical / genetic / microbiological laboratories;
  • high-precision tomography equipment PET CT - PET CT, MTP, Flash CT, FORCE CT;
  • EOS - for 3D visualization of problems in the spine;
  • 3-dimensional digital mammography to identify problems in the mammary glands;
  • a device with 3D-visualization for taking a biopsy of the prostate;
  • digital angiography;
  • Endo ultrasound is a device for endoscopic examination of the entire digestive system.
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound - for the study of lymph nodes and respiratory tract;
  • other special equipment.

The results of screening or a complete diagnostic examination give the patient:

  • reliable information about the state of his health with an analysis of the risks of certain diseases;
  • preventive recommendations to prevent possible diseases;
  • recommendations for a deeper and more detailed examination (if necessary);
  • prescribing a specific course of treatment (if necessary).

Modern technologies of treatment in the center "Memorial"

The treatment of all diseases is carried out in a comprehensive manner, using technologies of proven effectiveness, using a multidisciplinary approach. This means that the treatment plan for each patient is developed by a commission of specialized specialists, and the most effective set of treatment measures is selected.

Cancer treatment

Oncology departments use:

  • Chemotherapy. It is carried out according to the latest protocols, using the latest anticancer drugs.
  • Radiotherapy. SIRT-therapy is used - an innovative technique for irradiating malignant tumors from the inside, as well as interventional radiology using low-traumatic instruments under the control of imaging devices.
  • Surgery. Preference is given to minimally invasive, laparoscopic and robotic operations using the da Vinci system.
  • Percutaneous tumor removal: radio frequency, ultrasound, microwave, cryo and thermal ablation, "Nano-Knife".
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (Cyberknife and Gammanozh devices).
  • Radiation therapy (RapidArc).
  • Targeted and immune therapies that destroy cancer cells without harming healthy ones.
  • Treatment with genetically engineered monoclonal antibodies.
  • Bone marrow and stem cell transplant.

In the pediatric oncology departments of Memorial clinics, the most advanced treatment protocols and medical technologies are used to effectively treat young patients. The 5-year survival rate for children diagnosed with cancer is over 95%.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

The cardiology departments successfully carry out therapy and surgical treatment of the cardiovascular system.

  • stenting and shunting of the aorta, coronary vessels;
  • prosthetics and valve replacement;
  • treatment of heart defects;
  • therapy of all types of arrhythmias;
  • angioplasty;
  • the most complicated open heart surgeries.

Mortality and complications during and after surgery are less than 1%. The departments of pediatric cardiac surgery also successfully treat young patients. In 90% of cases, babies after undergoing an operative course of treatment for health reasons no longer differ from their peers.

Treatment and prosthetics of the musculoskeletal system

Treatment of spinal diseases, sports and household injuries is carried out using advanced medical technology, unique tools and techniques that have no analogues in the world. Thanks to this, the orthopedic departments of the Memorial Center successfully solve almost any problem of endoprosthetics or replacement of the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle joints.

Leading traumatologists and orthopedists of the clinics possess modern techniques of complex operations. At the same time, sparing minimally invasive surgical interventions with arthroscopic technologies are used; in the postoperative period, full-fledged rehabilitation is offered with a personalized selection of endoprostheses.

Memorial Center - Patient Orientation

Other departments of the Memorial Center have deservedly a high international reputation:

  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • ENT;
  • psychiatry;
  • dermatology;
  • reproductive medicine;
  • organ transplantation.

You can learn more about them from the coordinating doctors on the Clinics Direct website.

For patients from abroad, a department has been created, whose employees take care of them from the moment they seek help until they return home. Qualified translators meet patients at the airport and accompany them throughout their stay in the hospital, help in communicating with doctors, in resolving questions and wishes. Thanks to this, the treatment process becomes as comfortable and calm as possible, and, therefore, even more effective.

All branches of the center have recreation areas equipped with upholstered furniture and massage chairs, TVs, internet, cafes, a store with essential goods, a bank branch, and playrooms for children. Comfortable conditions have been created for the stay of relatives accompanying patients.

You can get a free consultation on all remaining issues from doctors on the Clinics Direct website by filling out an application or ordering a call back.

The Department of Neurosurgery at Memorial Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the surgical treatment of neoplasms of the brain and spinal cord, arteriovenous malformation, and carotid artery stenosis.

Operations are performed using microscopic and endoscopic methods. During the procedure, doctors perform neuromonitoring. It avoids damage to areas of the brain that are responsible for vital functions. Patients with inoperable tumors are treated with TrueBeam STx radiation.

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Memorial Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal defects.

Arthritis, arthrosis, osteomyelitis are treated here.

The department includes the departments of the knee joint, sports traumatology, microsurgery, arthroplasty and the center for pediatric orthopedics.

Treatment is carried out with cartilage transplantation, partial and complete joint replacement.

The Department of Cardiology at Memorial Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of the cardiovascular system.

It accepts patients with arrhythmia, hypertension, atherosclerosis.

Heart function is analyzed using transthoracic echocardiography.

For vasodilation, balloon angioplasty and stenting are performed. Radiofrequency ablation is prescribed for patients with palpitations.

The Department of Neurology at Memorial Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of parkinsonism, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, migraine, and insomnia.

For diagnostics, CT, angiography, electroencephalography are used.

Treatment is carried out with medication or surgery. Patients with epilepsy and Parkinson's disease are prescribed deep brain stimulation (DBS).

The Department of Oncology at Memorial Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of cancer of the internal organs.

The department includes the departments of medical, surgical and radiation oncology.

Diagnostics is performed using MRI, CT, ultrasound. Positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) is used to detect small tumors and metastases.

Operations are performed through incisions on the body up to 2 cm using a laparoscope or Da Vinci's robotic surgeon. To irradiate neoplasms, a TrueBeam STx apparatus is used. It destroys cancer cells and does not damage healthy tissue.

Why is Memorial considered one of the leading centers for breast cancer treatment?

On the basis of the Memorial Cancer Center, you can undergo breast cancer treatment with the greatest efficiency and in the best conditions for you. The methods of breast cancer treatment that are successfully used in the clinic are based on safety, the latest medical equipment and the staff of the country's leading doctors. There are not many cancer clinics that successfully apply innovative equipment and the latest technology in the treatment of cancer and metastases.

Professionals of the highest level (clinical oncologists, oncologists, reconstructive surgeons, chemotherapists, radiologists) perform operations with pinpoint accuracy, and the drugs are used only those that have the most gentle effect on the body.

What are the methods of diagnosing breast cancer at the Memorial clinic?

Diagnostics for suspected breast cancer is carried out using modern diagnostic equipment:

  • General and biochemical blood tests;
  • PET-CT (positron emission tomography combined with CT);
  • Three-Tesla MRI;
  • Computed tomography (CT) using low radiation doses;
  • Scintigraphy and other emission studies;
  • 3D ultrasound.

At certain stages of breast cancer, in accordance with world oncological standards, patients of the Memorial Cancer Center undergo an Oncotype DX analysis. Image guided biopsies (TRU-CAT) are used for biopsies, with the help of which specialists obtain a tissue sample for examination from the smallest and hard-to-reach tumor sites.

How much does breast cancer diagnostics cost at Memorial Clinic?

Cost from $ 2.600. The cost is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with exact prices right now.


What are the methods of treating breast cancer at the Memorial clinic?

Among the methods of treating breast cancer at the Memorial clinic, the following are used:

  • Organ-preserving surgical treatment with maximum breast preservation or radical resection with immediate or delayed breast reconstruction;
  • Chemotherapy using the latest protocols and chemotherapy drugs;
  • Targeted targeted therapy;
  • Hormonal treatment for early and inoperable stages of cancer;
  • Radiotherapy treatment on the latest generation linear accelerators;
  • Radioembolization and radiofrequency ablation of metastatic foci;
  • Interventional radiotherapy;
  • Intra-arterial chemotherapy and chemoembolization;
  • The newest method of non-surgical treatment - Nano Knife ablation.

What are the results of breast cancer treatment at Memorial Clinic?

When the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, the curability of breast cancer in the Memorial clinic occurs in 97% of visits.

At the Memorial Cancer Center, an individual treatment regimen is developed for each patient diagnosed with lung cancer. The arsenal includes powerful and currently most effective mechanisms for the treatment of lung cancer and its metastases, including the latest regimens and drugs for chemotherapy, combined chemoradiation, targeted therapy, latest generation linear accelerator radiotherapy, radioembolization and radiofrequency ablation, as well as such advanced high-tech methods as Nano Knife ablation, interventional chemotherapy, transarterial chemoembolization, radioembolization, various types of thermal ablation (laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound).

The strategy and tactics of cancer treatment at the Memorial Cancer Center is individual for each patient and is carried out in accordance with international standards approved by the scientific oncological communities of the USA and Europe.

Diagnosis of lung cancer at the Memorial clinic

A package of diagnostic procedures for lung cancer at Memorial Clinic may include:

  • Physical examination;
  • A detailed blood test, including for tumor markers;
  • Bronchoscopy;
  • Chest x-ray;
  • Flash CT, CT;
  • CT-guided transthoracic puncture of the tumor;
  • Ultrasound of the chest and abdominal organs;
  • Endo ultrasound;
  • MRI;
  • Thoracoscopy;
  • Skeleton scintigraphy;
  • Tumor biopsy with cyto- and histopathological analysis of the obtained tissue samples.

How much does lung cancer diagnostics cost at Memorial Clinic?

The cost is from $ 3,000. The price is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with exact prices right now.

Lung cancer treatment methods at Memorial clinic

The Memorial Clinic provides the following types of lung cancer treatment:

  • Classical surgical removal of a tumor in the lungs is performed, as a rule, only in stages I-II lung cancer, with some exceptions in stage IIIA. In most cases, combined chemoradiation treatment is prescribed after the operation.
  • Radical non-surgical methods of lung cancer treatment - in the early stages of the disease with any tumor localization. Various types of ablation are used to destroy the tumor without surgery: radiofrequency, microwave, laser, Nano Knife ablation, sometimes in combination with chemoembolization and radioembolization (SIRT).
  • Radiation therapy is performed using modern and safe Varian Rapid Arch linear accelerators with a multi-leaf collimator system and the latest development - Avian's Rapid Arch .
  • Chemotherapy and chemoembolization: general chemotherapy (intravenous administration), intra-arterial (locally in the area of the tumor focus), chemoembolization (combination with embolization of the vessels feeding the tumor), chemoradiation therapy (a specific sequence of radiation sessions and intra-arterial chemotherapy-RFA), chemotherapy ...
  • Targeted therapy with innovative drugs.

Why Clinic Memorial (Turkey) - the right choice for the treatment of ovarian cancer?

Every year, patients from all over the world undergo ovarian cancer treatment at the Oncology Center of the Memorial Clinic. The best oncologists in Turkey work here. The department is equipped in accordance with the world achievements in the field of oncology.

The work of the oncological center is headed by Professor Mustafa Ozdogan, who is a leading specialist in the field of oncology in Turkey. The doctors of the department demonstrate high rates of high level of treatment for ovarian cancer , specialize in oncology of the last stages, and successfully carry out surgical therapy for oncological diseases of the female reproductive system.

What methods are used to diagnose ovarian cancer at Memorial Clinic?

Patients who have relatives with ovarian cancer simply need to undergo regular check-ups. B olee early detection of cancer saves lives and health of hundreds of women. The following methods of examining patients are used:

  • Ultrasound (sonography);
  • blood test for tumor markers;
  • biopsy with histochemical analysis of tissue cells;
  • PET-CT;
  • CT, MRI;
  • genetic testing.

How is ovarian cancer treated at Memorial Clinic?

Ovarian cancer therapy at the Memorial Clinic provides an individual approach to each patient , so the program is drawn up only after receiving all the examination data. Treatment of ovarian cancer in the clinic is based on the use of minimally invasive surgery using high-tech methods and complex systemic therapy:

  • Da Vinci robot, gamma knife and cyber knife systems;
  • Radiotherapy;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Brachytherapy;
  • Targeted therapy.

How much does ovarian cancer treatment cost in the clinic?

In terms of the effectiveness of treatment, the Memorial Clinic is able to compete with the leading medical centers in Europe and the United States, but at the same time the price of diagnostics, surgery and therapy for ovarian cancer is much lower . You can get an treatment program with a precise price.

Benefits of pancreatic cancer treatment at Memorial clinics

Memorial Clinics base their work on the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer on the standards of cancer care in America. All stages of consultative reception and treatment of oncology in patients are conducted by world-renowned oncologists who are members of international oncological associations and have gained experience in medical practice in oncological centers in the United States.

Memorial doctors apply the latest standards and advances in global medical research for the early diagnosis and treatment of malignant cancer.

Pancreatic cancer diagnostics at Memorial Cancer Centers

The clinic's specialists have developed and applied a special diagnostic program early stage pancreatic cancer , which includes screening and an effective approach for different patient populations. The best experts analyze the results obtained using:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging,
  • Computed tomography
  • PET-CT,
  • Biopsies,
  • Morphological analysis,
  • Immunological examination.

Pancreatic cancer treatments at Memorial Clinic

The accuracy of diagnostics using effective methods allows for a deep clinical analysis of each unique case of the disease and drawing up a treatment program taking into account an individual approach to each patient . The clinic uses modern protocols:

  • Chemotherapy;
  • Combined treatment: chemotherapy + radiotherapy;
  • Intraoperative radiation;
  • High-dose brachytherapy;
  • Oncosurgery using a cyber knife and Da Vinci robotic system.

The cost of treatment at Memorial Clinic

The cost of treatment is formed individually in accordance with the treatment program and is affordable, at the same time meeting the highest international standards. You can find out the exact cost of treatment right now !

Memorial Medical Group is continuously researching the latest innovations in medicine, making the institution a leader in the sector. The 5-year survival rate for cancer patients who underwent liver transplantation exceeds 75%. The clinic employs one of the country's leading doctors, the world famous oncologist Professor Mustafa Ozdogan, thanks to whom the lives of hundreds of patients from Europe and Asia have been saved. Diagnostics of liver cancer in "Memorial" includes: An extensive general clinical, biochemical blood test; Abdominal sonography; PET-CT (to assess the prevalence of the oncological process and identify distant metastases); MRI 3 Tesla, Flash CT; Revision of a previously performed biopsy or taking a biopsy material for subsequent urgent histopathology and immunohistochemistry; Antiography; Thorough examination by specialists. Cost from $ 3.500. The following methods of liver cancer treatment are used in the Memorial clinic: Surgery (1. removal of the liver lobe right or left - hemihepatectomy; 2. removal of the liver (hepatectomy) entirely with subsequent donor liver transplantation), Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, Da Vinci Robot, Trilogy; Ablation (radiofrequency ablation and percutaneous ethanol); Embolization; Chemotherapy; Targeted therapy; Radiation therapy (TRUEBEAM STx, LIAC).

Why is it so effective to treat cervical cancer at Memorial Clinic?

Early, modern diagnostics, preventive screening and modern effective methods of treatment of oncogynecological diseases in accordance with world standards - this is what allows the specialists of the Memorial clinic to help patients from all over the world.

Under the guidance of Professor Mustafa Ozdogan, oncologists at Memorial clinics carry out early diagnostics, develop treatment programs at stages when cervical cancer is still treatable, and alleviate the condition of patients who apply at later stages.

What methods are used for early diagnosis of cervical cancer?

Methods of effective diagnostics in the Memorial clinic are divided into early screening :

  • PAP test;
  • Research for HPV.

And diagnostic examinations , when there is already a suspicion of developing cervical cancer. Such examinations include:

  • Determination of a tumor marker in the blood;
  • Gynecological examination of the cervix and colposcopy;
  • Biopsy (puncture, loop electro excision, endocervical curettage, conization of the cervix);
  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • PET-CT;
  • Ultrasound.

What treatments are used at Memorial Clinic?

Turkish oncologists apply the most modern and effective treatments for cervical cancer . These methods have proven themselves:

  • Minimally invasive (laparoscopic) and radical operations using the da Vinci robot;
  • Chemotherapy using the latest drugs;
  • Supportive palliative care;
  • Radiological treatment;
  • Stereotactic therapy.

How much does cervical cancer treatment cost in the clinic?

Treatment of cervical cancer in the Memorial clinic is more affordable than the treatment of this pathology in Europe and the United States, while the patient's cure rate corresponds to the indicators of the best clinics . After treatment, patients undergo rehabilitation in the wonderful climate of the country and combine the restoration of health with rest. You can get your personalized treatment program now.

Stomach cancer treatment at Memorial Hospital is carried out using surgery, radiation and chemistry.

During surgery, doctors remove part of the stomach or an entire organ, depending on the size of the tumor.

Chemistry and radiation are performed by specialists before, after or instead of surgery. Therapy before removal of the tumor reduces its size. Postoperative treatment destroys the remaining cancer cells. Therapy instead of surgery improves the quality of life in the latter stages.

The cost of treating stomach cancer is based on the prescribed procedures.

Why Memorial is considered one of the leading treatment centers melanoma?

In most cases, the treatment of melanoma at the Memorial Clinic is carried out surgically. The choice of the method that will be used to treat melanoma depends on the stage of the disease and is selected individually for each patient at an interdisciplinary meeting of doctors of different profiles.

When skin cancer is detected in the early stages, the cure rate is high - about 95% . Examination and treatment is carried out by the leading specialists of the clinic using the latest diagnostic equipment and modern technologies. In the treatment of retinal melanoma, the clinic's specialists perform “jewelry” work with the Cyber Knife . The innovative technologies Gamma Knife , Rapid Аrc are also used.

What methods of diagnosing melanoma are used at Memorial Clinic?

Among the methods for diagnosing melanoma at Memorial are used:

  • Physical examination;
  • Chest x-ray;
  • Abdominal ultrasound;
  • CT scan;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, CT, PET-CT;
  • Laboratory blood test;
  • Dermatoscopy;
  • Biopsy.

How much does it cost to diagnose melanoma at Memorial?

Cost from $ 2.500. The cost is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with exact prices right now.

What are the treatments for melanoma at Memorial?

For the treatment of melanoma, the Memorial clinic uses the following methods:

  • Surgical intervention (excision of melanoma is performed, sometimes a biopsy of regional lymph nodes is also performed);
  • Excisional biopsy (a section of pathological tissue is cut out);
  • Immunotherapy with immune effector bodies;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Radiotherapy.

The rehabilitation period can be from 2 weeks to several months.

Why is Memorial Clinic recommended for gallbladder cancer treatment?

Memorial Medical Complex is a system of 8 clinics, which became the first JCI-accredited medical institution. For more than 14 years the state has been investing in the development of the center - well-known oncosurgeons, chemotherapists and gastroenterologists work here. Most doctors trained and worked in Europe and the USA.

Memorial clinics are equipped with powerful diagnostic equipment, 42 operating rooms are equipped with the latest medical technology.

What does the Memorial gallbladder cancer diagnosis include?

  • initial examination by a gastroenterologist and oncologist;
  • endoscopic and transabdominal ultrasound, Doppler ultrasonography of the gallbladder vessels;
  • blood tests - biochemical parameters, cytology, search for tumor markers;
  • cholangiography;
  • MRI on high-field tomographs (1.5 - 3.0 T). If necessary, the method is enhanced by the introduction of a contrast agent;
  • histological examination of biopsy (puncture is performed under ultrasound control).

The list of necessary studies is determined by the doctor, and depends on the stage of the process and the individual parameters of the patient. Clinics Direct provides information on the cost and proposed treatment plan for gallbladder cancer at Memorial. Order an individual program now!

How is gallbladder cancer treated at Memorial?

  • endoscopic cholecystectomy. The affected organ is removed without large-scale incisions;
  • standard removal of the gallbladder. Abdominal surgery, during which the bladder is removed, as well as the areas of the surrounding organs affected by the tumor;
  • chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation are used as auxiliary methods (reduce the risk of relapse);
  • palliative operations are performed to restore the transport of bile and correct the blood supply to the liver.

Why is Memorial Clinic considered one of the leading centers for the treatment of sarcoma?

At Memorial Clinic, sarcoma is treated on an interdisciplinary level, that is, by a group of orthopedic oncologists, oncologists and radiologists. During treatment, the patient also undergoes a course of radiation and physical therapy. But such a disease affects not only the physical condition of a person, but also his psycho-emotional background, which is why in the process of treatment the patient is also under the supervision of psychologists.

Today, most of the patients in the clinic, about 70% , are cured of bone sarcoma. This is due to the fact that doctors are able to identify the disease at an early stage and make an accurate diagnosis. And further treatment includes not only therapy, but also the subsequent study of a specific case using the results of the latest research.

What are the methods for diagnosing sarcoma at the Memorial clinic?

For examination or detection of sarcoma in the Memorial clinic, the following diagnostic methods are used:

  • Detailed biochemical blood test;
  • X-ray examination if osteosarcoma and other bone tumors are suspected;
  • Ultrasound examination of soft tissues or internal organs;
  • Tomography;
  • MRI;
  • Radioisotope diagnostic methods;
  • Tumor biopsy;
  • Angiography;
  • Physical examination by an oncologist.

How much does a sarcoma diagnosis cost at Memorial?

Cost from $ 2.700. The cost is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with exact prices right now.

What are the methods of treating sarcoma at Memorial?

In the Memorial clinic, low and moderately differentiated sarcomas of 1-2 stages of any localization in persons of all age groups in satisfactory condition are subject to radical treatment by surgical removal of the tumor with regional lymph node dissection.

In the postoperative period, one or two courses of polychemotherapy or external beam therapy can be used.

Highly differentiated stage 1-2 sarcomas are necessarily subject to surgical treatment with extended lymph node dissection and concomitant chemotherapy in the pre- and postoperative period.

Stage 3 sarcomas are treated by a combination of all methods. In the preoperative period, it is advisable to conduct courses of radiation and chemotherapy.

Stage 4 sarcomas - most of them require symptomatic treatment (pain relievers, detoxification therapy, correction of anemia, etc.).

Why are Memorial Clinics recommended for patients with bladder cancer?

Memorial is a system of highly specialized institutions where all types of diagnostics, treatment and support of cancer patients are carried out. Well-known urologists oncology operate, and world-renowned doctors such as Associate Professor of Medical Sciences, Doctor Darda Bayraktar advise. On the basis of Memorial clinics there are transplant centers, laboratories where genetic verification of tumors is performed.

Operating rooms are equipped with Da Vinci robots and equipment for the most complex endoscopic operations. The clinics have an international JCI certificate (USA) , which certifies the professionalism of the staff and the high level of technical equipment.

Diagnosis of the disease

  • Examination by an oncourologist, study of family history - if necessary, genetic mapping can be prescribed (verification of the initial stages of cancer);
  • Detailed blood analysis: biochemistry, tumor markers, cytology ;
  • Urine analysis: culture for flora, search for occult blood, biochemistry;
  • Ultrasound of the bladder (cystoscopy);
  • Biopsy (with histology) to assess the type of tumor and the stage of the process;
  • MSCT, PET-CT, MRI, angiography are used to detect metastases.

How much does it cost to diagnose and treat bladder cancer at Memorial Clinic?

The list of diagnostic and treatment procedures is subject to change. Accordingly, the cost of diagnostics and treatment may also vary. You can clarify prices and a preliminary treatment plan on the Clinics Direct portal by ordering an individual program .

Bladder cancer treatments at Memorial

  • Endoscopic removal of the tumor (performed through the urethra), without damaging the walls of the bladder. It is made through several small cuts (2-3 cm in length) ;
  • Cystectomy - the entire bladder is removed, as well as lymph nodes interested in the tumor and areas of neighboring organs;
  • Chemotherapy - doctors select the optimal combination of cytostatics to prevent cancer recurrence (or slow down the growth);
  • Radiation therapy .

Why is it effective to treat brain oncological diseases at Memorial clinics?

For a patient diagnosed with brain cancer, Memorial Clinic is the right choice. The best specialists work in this clinic and new, high-tech equipment is available for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In addition, Turkey provides all patients with the opportunity to combine rest, medical examination and, if necessary,   serious cancer treatment.

The chief oncologist of the Memorial Medical Center in Antalya is Professor Mustafa Ozdogan , under whose leadership the treatment of many oncological diseases is carried out.

How is brain cancer diagnosed at Memorial clinics?

Comprehensive cancer diagnostics at the Memorial Clinic is a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis in the early stages of the disease. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the more successful the treatment is, therefore, high-quality diagnostic measures are important, which include:

  • Blood test for tumor markers;
  • Immunological research;
  • Biopsy with histochemical examination of the obtained tissue;
  • MRI;
  • CT and PET-CT;
  • Isotope analysis;
  • Immunological examination.

What methods are used to treat brain cancer in the clinic?

Based on the results, after the expert groups of experts have evaluated all the data, an effective complex treatment is prescribed , which includes:

  • Sparing chemotherapy with modern drugs;
  • Radiotherapy;
  • Brachytherapy;
  • Gamma Knife and Da Vinci Robotic Systems Dr.

For brain cancer surgery, the Medipol clinic uses minimally invasive neurosurgical operations .

How much does the treatment at the Memorial clinic cost?

The cost of services is quite reasonable, even in comparison with the prices for treatment in Germany or Israel. Turkey's medicine is at the level of the leading countries, while more accessible. Get an accurate treatment program with prices.

Why is it better to treat uterine cancer at Memorial clinic (Turkey)?

Memorial Cancer Center in Turkey is one of the most modern medical clinics with a wide profile and oncology treatment programs that meet the highest international standards.

Dr. Darda Bayraktar and his fellow gynecological oncologists are the leading oncologists in Turkey. They carry out early diagnosis and treatment of uterine cancer, using modern effective high-tech techniques to restore health and prolong the life of hundreds of thousands of women every year.

What diagnostic methods are used at Memorial Clinic?

Accurate diagnosis of uterine cancer increases the effectiveness of treatment at times , therefore, The diagnostic department of the Memorial clinic employs the best specialists in histomorphological diagnostics and high-tech research:

  • Examination by a gynecologist and consultation;
  • Tissue biopsy with cytological examination of cells;
  • Ultrasound examination (sonography);
  • Hysteroscopy;
  • Genetic research;
  • MRI, CT;
  • PET-CT;

How is uterine cancer treated in the clinic?

The oncogynecologists of the clinic use effective methods of surgical and systemic treatment of uterine cancer, which they have brought to perfection. The high level of equipment of the center with modern equipment helps specialists to carry out the most difficult therapeutic tasks. Modern methods of treating uterine cancer in the clinic are represented by the following methods:

  • Sparing and radical operations using a cyber knife, gamma knife; the Da Vinci robot;
  • Chemotherapy with effective drugs;
  • Immunological treatment;
  • DNA testing;
  • Systemic radiation therapy.

What are the prices for uterine cancer treatment at Memorial Clinic?

Turkish clinics meet world standards both in the experience of gynecological oncologists and in equipping the oncological center, while the prices for treatment in them are lower, and the effectiveness of treatment is not inferior. The cost of treatment for each patient is formed individually, you can order a personal treatment program right now!

Why is it effective to treat basal cell carcinoma at Memorial clinic (Turkey)?

Concern Memorial, whose clinics were the first in Turkey to be accredited according to the international JCI system, provides a high level of medical care and corresponds to the leading medical centers in the USA and Europe.

Basal cell carcinoma treatment in the oncology center of the Memorial Clinic is effective and comfortable. Preliminary consultations of leading experts are free. The level of equipping the departments of diagnostics and therapy of oncological diseases with modern high-tech equipment and the qualifications of specialists known outside the country attract patients from all over the world to Turkey .

Methods for diagnosing basal cell carcinoma at Memorial clinic?

Diagnostics at the Memorial clinic is carried out at the earliest stages of the pathological process, when it is possible to prevent metastasis and cure the disease completely. In the later stages, the oncologists of the clinic diagnose the prevalence of the oncological process, after which a treatment program is immediately drawn up. Basal cell carcinoma diagnosis methods in Turkey:

  • Examination and consultation with a dermatologist-oncologist;
  • Dermatoscopy;
  • Histological examination of tumor tissue after biopsy;
  • MRI and CT;
  • PET-CT.

What methods are used to treat basal cell carcinoma at the Memorial clinic?

At the Memorial, minimally invasive surgical removal of basal cells is carried out using the most modern surgical technologies, which is important for effective treatment and cosmetological effect.

  • After surgical removal of the tumor, a course of chemotherapy or radiation therapy is performed (if metastases are found);
  • Gamma knife radiosurgical systems and Da Vinci robotic systems are used;
  • Modern schemes of immunotherapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy are used.

Cost of basal cell carcinoma treatment in Turkey?

Treatment in Turkey means saving time on obtaining a visa, since it is not needed or is issued quite quickly, which speeds up the start of treatment, and the level of medicine at the Memorial clinic meets the highest world standards and is affordable.

You can now order an individual basal cell carcinoma treatment program at the Memorial clinic with the exact cost.

The Department of Urology at Memorial Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.

Patients with prostate adenoma, impotence, urinary incontinence are accepted here.

The department includes the departments of female and male urology.

Operations are performed using low-traumatic methods using a urethroscope or a Da Vinci robot.

The Department of Oncohematology at Memorial Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) specializes in the treatment of pathologies of the blood and lymphatic system.

It accepts patients with lymphomas, leukemias, multiple myeloma, anemia and blood clotting disorders.

Chemistry and bone marrow transplantation are prescribed for treatment.

Why is Memorial Hospital considered one of the leading centers for the treatment of lymphoma?

Treatment of oncological diseases and pathologies of the hematological system of the body, such as Hodgkin's disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, generalized plasmacytoma is the main direction and specialization of the staff of the department of hematology of the Memorial clinic.

The team of the department on an ongoing basis takes part in clinical trials and research at the national and international levels for the study of pathologies and oncological diseases of the hematological system. The doctors of the department are active participants in scientific and practical conferences and symposia in the USA and Europe.

The most accurate diagnostics, an individual treatment program and a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of lymphoma at the Memorial clinic bring patients a complete recovery or lasting remission in more than 70% of cases.

How is lymphoma diagnosed at Memorial Clinic?

The main procedure that confirms the suspicion of lymphoma is the histological examination of lymphoid tissue obtained by biopsy (resection lymph node or tissue sample of the affected organ). Also, the patient goes through:

  • MRI and / or CT, ultrasound, PET-CT;
  • bone scan;
  • blood chemistry;
  • medical examination.

How much does it cost to diagnose lymphoma in Turkey?

The cost ranges from $ 3,000 and is formed individually for each patient. You can get a personalized treatment program with exact prices right now.

What are the treatments for lymphoma at Memorial?

  • Treatment of patients with IA, IIA, IB or IIB stages of the disease is usually carried out with the help of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This combination is effective 80% of the time.
  • At stage IIIA, chemotherapy is required along with high-dose radiation therapy to the zones of the main focus. Effectiveness is achieved in 75% of cases.
  • In stage IIIB, polychemotherapy is used, often in conjunction with radiation therapy. Recovery is achieved in 70% of cases.
  • In IVA or IVB stages, polychemotherapy is performed, which leads to complete remission in 70-80% of cases.

What are the results of lymphoma treatment at Memorial Clinic?

10-15-year relapse-free survival - in 50% of patients. In patients with re-manifestation of the disease or refractory form of the disease, the use of autologous bone marrow cell transplantation is effective. Memorial Clinic has the highest rates of successful lymphoma treatment.

IVF Memorial Center today is the leading base for research and implementation of modern reproductive technologies both in Turkey itself, and in Europe and around the world. A special feature of the Center is genetic examination of future parents. It is genetic research that helps to identify unfavorable factors and, if possible, eliminate them. These factors include thalassemia, hemophilia in embryos, muscle pathology and others. Today, in our Memorial Center, all known methods of reproductive medicine are successfully applied.

The Memorial Transplant Center is a unique medical complex, as organ transplants from both corpses and living donors are successfully practiced there. The Center is headed by Professor Mongi Kalayoglu, one of the most famous transplantologists in the world, who personally performed more than 45,000 transplants, of which about two thousand were liver transplants. Note that the success rate of liver transplants at Memorial is 99%. Another indicator of the success of organ transplants at Memorial is that they have a successful transplant experience with an incompatible blood type.

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