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NP Brain Hospital

NP Neuro Hospital (Brain Hospital) - a brain hospital or neuro hospital (NPİSTANBUL). It is the first special neuropsychiatric hospital in Turkey, established with the aim of providing effective curative services with the most sophisticated treatment options provided by modern medicine for the treatment of diseases related to the health of the mind and brain, and is the 2nd neurological hospital in Europe.

Diagnostic and treatment prices

NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), which is the world's largest and most prestigious medical accreditation body. This accreditation is a special document granted to only three hospitals, including NP hospital, that operate outside the United States.

Main directions of NP Brain Hospital

  • neurology,
  • neurosurgery,
  • psychology,
  • child psychiatry,
  • general surgery,
  • otorhinolaryngology,
  • internal illnesses,
  • pediatrics.

It is the first private hospital in the field of psychiatry to respond to all the needs of its patients with its dedicated ambulance and 24/7 emergency mental health service.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgical Treatment of Brain Tumors in Turkey

The main advantages of the NPİSTANBUL clinic

  • class A operating room,
  • intensive care services for neurosurgery,
  • Turkey's first and only 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment approved by an independent accredited organization and has an excellent technological infrastructure to assist in surgical operations.

In Turkey, NP Brain Hospital is a pioneer in new approaches such as “brain function therapy” and “thought-based medicine”.

Treatment in Turkey NP Neuro hospital (Brain Hospital)

  • the first and only hospital in Turkey to clinically apply a pharmacogenetic approach (blood drug monitoring (TDM), phenotyping and genotyping) in diagnostic and treatment processes, as well as in implementation,
  • is a scientific partner of Uskudar University, cooperates with the university in technological, academic and scientific fields,
  • the first clinic offering neuromodulation procedures in Turkey. This center aims to measure and treat brain function through DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) brain stimulation.
  • telepsychiatry services (online therapy) for patients outside the city and abroad,
  • it is a hospital that focuses on improving health, with a focus on the comfort of treatment, which will affect treatment processes as well as science.
  • The Narcology Clinic (NPAMATEM) provides an Extended Toxicological Verification Laboratory.

Treatment methods at NP Brain Hospital

  • operations on the brain and neck, removal of tumors,
  • radiosurgery, minimally invasive methods Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife,
  • radiation therapy,
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS),
  • HIFU,
  • psychotherapy,
  • drug treatment,
  • neuromodulation therapy methods such as ECT,
  • neuronavigation TMU / TMS, tDCS,
  • functional surgery and electronic implantation (battery), for the formation of infrastructure.

NPİSTANBUL Hospital has 2 operating rooms, one of which is 1A and the other is 1B, and an intensive care unit with 16 beds for robotic surgery, aneurysm surgery, Parkinson's disease and epilepsy.

The "impeccable service and health" approach

VIP room at NP Brain Hospital in Turkey

New approaches in the diagnosis of brain diseases

  • Topographic Brain Mapping (QEEG / TBH): Used as a biomarker in psychiatric illness. FDA (USA) officially approved in 2013.
  • Deep TMS: can be applied to influence deep brain structures. because of
    characteristics of the head device used, more stimulation can be given to different areas of the brain in different diseases.
  • Neuronavigationt TMU / rTMS: the first private hospital to use this method, which allows it to be applied in various diseases, focusing on different areas of the brain, exactly at the desired location, and thus significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Pain management: Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a safe and effective medical treatment for certain mental disorders. ECT therapy is also called "electrical brain stimulation", "electroshock therapy" or "shock therapy".
  • Neurobiofeedback / Neuropsychiatry: When teaching neurofeedback, information about brain waves emanating from a person's EEG is transmitted through visual and / or auditory signals, and the person is asked to control certain aspects of it. Depending on the problem or need of the person, the learning environment is created by organizing a treatment protocol, determining in which region the frequency of your brain needs to be increased / decreased accordingly.
  • tDCS, CES Brain Stimulation Treatments: tDCS is one of the neuromodulation methods used to treat neuropsychiatric diseases. This also applies to microstimulation treatments. Treatment is applied only at the request of a doctor in cases of resistant neuropsychiatric conditions. In general, the brain works on the principle of stimulation, which delivers a low-intensity direct current through two electrodes from the forehead. It aims to rejuvenate some of the electrical stress in the brain and suppress some of the actions in the outer lining of the brain where direct current is stimulated.
  • CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) treatment is one of the latest treatments developed in the field of electro-medicine. CES Stimulant Therapy is designed to be applied to targeted areas of the brain using specially created microcurrents that are conducted through electrodes placed in the ear.
  • Functional Neurosurgery (BrainBattery): A “brain battery” used in patients with Parkinson's who have not responded to medication and who have severe tremors is the most beneficial option because it is a controlled, programmable and regulated treatment. Also; it can be used for depression, OCD, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and obesity.

Services at NP Brain Hospital

  • individual treatment program
  • translation of documents into a foreign language
  • assistance with booking flights
  • settlement / hospitalization
  • translator
  • 24/7 support
  • ambulance
  • Ambulance
  • order / delivery of drugs
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