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The Neolife Cancer Center

The Neolife Cancer Center for Diagnostics and Treatment in Istanbul, opened at the end of 2010, is the largest multidisciplinary private medical institution, known for its high level of specialized services not only in Turkey, but also far beyond its borders. Since 2011, the clinic has been providing services as an organization associated with other oncology centers, according to national and international quality standards ISO 9001-2008 for oncological practice conducted domestically.

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Neolife Medical Center (Neolife)

In 2013, the Center was accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) - the highest status that a medical institution that provides certified services can receive.

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Neolife Oncology Clinic became the first medical organization in Turkey to receive the right to record the name Diagnostic and Treatment Center in the accreditation documentation. 

In particular, the departments of the Neolife clinic successfully operate in Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Iran, Moldova and Russia.

The Neolife clinical model, with its highly professional team, the most modern technical base, strict adherence to international standards, and especially a comprehensive individual approach within the patient-doctor paradigm , has achieved recognition not only in Turkey.

At the end of 2013, the second Neolife Medical Center was opened in Romania (Bucharest), which once again emphasized the level of quality of services provided in the clinic, which corresponds to international medical quality certificates.

The head of the Neolife Center, as chief physician and top manager, is Nesrin Aslan , an oncologist, a physician with 20 years of experience, a nuclear medicine specialist, author of numerous scientific publications.

Diagnostics and treatment

  • diagnostic imaging : 256-slice scanner, closed-type 3-Tesla MRI, open type, PET-CT, PET-MRI, tomosynthesis (digital mammography), intraoperative MRI (IGRT and IGRS) ;
  • devices for remote stereotactic radiosurgery (SBRT) - a linear accelerator Novalis TrueBeam STX and an ultramodern Trilogy system, which reduces the course of exposure to 3 sessions , a gamma camera (radionuclide photon converter);
  • robotic surgery system Da Vinci Xi.

The treatment plan is always drawn up and approved by an interdisciplinary panel of specialist doctors - oncologists, radiologists, radiologists and surgeons.

Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, in day hospitals or with full hospitalization.

To accurately diagnose the disease and the stage of its development, the hospital doctors perform a wide range of hardware and laboratory tests: MRI, CT, PET-MRI, PET-CT, ultrasound; biochemical analyzes of blood, plasma, urine, spinal fluid, etc.

Radiation oncology , as the newest branch of medicine, the safest and most effective method of diagnosis and treatment, is the leading direction in the research and clinical practice of the Neolife Center for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

In modern cancer therapy, nuclear medicine has become indispensable for a number of procedures:

  • accurate determination of the stage of cancer and the spread of metastases in the body;
  • identification of sentinel lymph nodes before surgery in patients with breast cancer or tumors of the skin and soft tissues;
  • planning individual treatment;
  • assessment of the body's response to therapy;
  • diagnosis of cancer recurrence.

The main methods of cancer treatment (according to the individual patient's protocol):

  1. Surgical:
  • Tumor resection - radical removal of the neoplasm, if there are no contraindications;
  • Radiosurgery is a controlled "targeted" radiation that does not affect healthy tissues.
  1. Chemotherapy is a medical method of primary and secondary treatment that destroys malignant cells .
  2. Radiation therapy is the main therapy in the early stages and additional therapy for the metastatic process, by exposing the tumor to high doses of highly targeted radiation on a linear accelerator .
  3. Cytokine therapy (targeted therapy) is the newest method of oncoimmunotherapy, in which “special” proteins destroy malignant formations by activating the immune system.
  4. Combined methods of therapy - for example, radiation therapy with drugs or radiotherapy as an additional supportive after invasive intervention, etc.

Radiation therapy machine

The choice of treatment depends on the stage of the disease, the size and location of the tumor, the presence of metastases, and existing contraindications.

The Neolife Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Center is always open to patients from all over the world - all conditions for effective medical tourism have been created here:

  • since December 2010, the Department of International Relations has been operating, consisting of 13 staff members and 5 coordinating teams;
  • assistance in obtaining a visa, finding a flight, insurance, transfer, accommodation, translation and sending medical reports;
  • round-the-clock accompanying guide-translator (Russian, English, Azerbaijani and 5 more languages);
  • emergency support service 24/7;
  • comfortable rooms with the possibility of accommodating an accompanying person;
  • special and dietary food; individual treatment regimen, adopted by a council of doctors;
  • treatment at the Neolife Medical Oncology Center is much cheaper than in Israel, the USA or Germany;
  • rehabilitation program if necessary.
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The Neolife Oncology Department specializes in radiation therapy. It is equipped with Trilogy system linear accelerators and TrueBeam STx. The devices allow you to fine-tune the radiation dose, so it has a more effective effect on the tumor.

The clinic has installed diagnostic equipment for imaging tumors: MRI, CT, positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT), digital mammography.

At Neolife, meningioma is treated by the head of the Department of Oncology, Prof. Ufuk Abasioglu. Dr. Abasioglu has 24 years of experience in radiation oncology.

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