Best Dermatology clinics in Seol, Korea

The Department of Dermatology at Samsung Hospital (Seoul, South Korea) specializes in the treatment of skin and nail pathologies. Details
Dong Wook Choi Oncology
Lim Do Hoon Oncology
Keun Chil Park Hematology Oncology Oncology
Do Hyun Nam Pediatric neurosurgery Oncology
Sung Wook Seo Oncology Orthopedics
Lee Jung Neurosurgery Oncology
Diagnostic Price
PET CT $1000 - $1800
MRI $700 - $800
Blood test (general, biochemical, hormonal) $350 - $450
Colonoscopy $172
Mammography $170 - $200
Ultrasound $180 - $200
Biopsy $400 - $500
General urine analysis $80
Operation Price
Mastectomy $11000 - $15000
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $7000 - $9000
Liposuction $3500 - $4500
Liver transplant $128000 - $135000
Chemotherapy $1060 - $1590
Removal of a brain tumor $25000 - $30000
Gamma knife $12000 - $18000
High intensity focused ultrasonic ablation (HIFU) $13000 - $18000
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Jae Myung Cha Oncology
Suk-Hwan Lee Oncology
Lew Bark-Lynn Dermatology
Young Gyun Kim Ophthalmology
Ja Heon Kang Ophthalmology
Lee Hyung-Lae Urology
Diagnostic Price
Gastroscopy + biopsy
Examination of visual fields
Operation Price
Heart Valve Replacement
Breast lift
Facelift (facelift)
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Otoplasty (ear plastic)
Chemotherapy $1000
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