PET-CT: best clinics abroad

At Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi nuclear medicine specialists use contemporary PET scanners in the Diagnostics Department. Such scanning allows diagnosing early stages of cancer, cardiovascular system disorders, and epilepsy centers.Scanners utilized in Medipol Hospital use leading-edge software and hardware, allowing for highest possible image quality and smaller doses of radiation exposure. The results will be available within 24 hour period after the procedure.PET-CT scan allows receiving… Details
Naci Karacaoglan Plastic Surgery
Erol Akgul Neurosurgery
Asuman Mersin Kökrek Orthopedics Neurology Endocrinology
Bunyamin Kaplan Oncology
Mustafa Ozdemir Oncology Dermatology
Selami Albayrak Oncology Urology
At Medicana Hospitals Group physicians perform PET-CT scanning to diagnose early-stage cancer and cardiovascular system diseases. This contemporary diagnostic tool is often used by surgeons before especially complicated operations to increase the success rate of such interventions. Operations on heart is carried out with the help of positron emission tomography. PET scan combines high speed of the procedure, low risks, and high efficiency compared to other diagnostics methods. The radiation e… Details
Mehmet Erdogan Plastic Surgery
Alpaslan Şenköylü Orthopedics
Ulas Sozener Transplantology
Fusun Tokatli Oncology Oncohematology
Bulent Arman Heart Surgery
Erkan Ozturk Plastic Surgery
Operation Price
Heart Valve Replacement $13000 - $13000
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Liposuction $1330 - $3700
Kidney transplant $20000 - $22000
Liver transplant $60000 - $65000
Chemotherapy $600 - $1800
Stomach cancer surgery


In Municipal Hospital Solingen physicians use Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning to prepare for surgeries and metastasis location. This technology is considered to be one of the most effective diagnostic tools. Undergoing PET scan bears little risks for a patient, the only downside of the procedure is brief radiation exposure, which won’t affect patient’s health unless performed more than once a year. At Städtisches Klinikum Solingen computed tomography is often used before complicate… Details
Gerhard A. Horstmann Neurosurgery
Manuela Seifert Oncology
Rene Lorenz Oncology
Wolfgang Schwenk Oncology
Guido Opitz Oncology


At Sourasky Medical Center specialists perform PET-CT scans in the Oncological Department, and the technology is also used to help surgeons prepare operations on the brain and heart.PET-CT is a contemporary diagnostic tool that has proven to be extremely effective in cancer treatment. It is also used before complex cardiosurgeries to make the operation more effective while decreasing the risk of side-effects.As of today, positron emission tomography (PET) scan is the most effective and relativel… Details
Livia Kapusta Cardiology Children`s cardiosurgery
Arik Zaretzki Plastic Surgery
Anna Lyahovitskaya Dermatology
Roksana Klepper Pediatric oncology
Itzhak Fried Neurosurgery Neurology
Diagnostic Price
PET-CT $1530 - $1600
Colonoscopy $350 - $500
Gastroscopy with biopsy
Holter monitoring
Angiography $150 - $200
Mammography $480 - $700
Acibadem Health Group is a network of ultra-modern Medical Centers in Turkey. The first medical center opened in 1991 in Istanbul. Over time, appeared a lot of polyclinics and hospitals with their own laboratories and diagnostic centers. In 2005, the Acibadem already has received international accreditation from JCI, which is shows that the level of services for patients are totally conform standards. Details
Remzi Emiroğlu Transplantology
Aziz Yazar Oncology
Mete Göngüren Oncology Obstetrics and Gynecology
HM Hospitales Clinic is a network of medical institutions HM Hospitales is well known in Spain and beyond. The very first hospital was founded in 1989. The high quality of services provided, reasonable prices and popularity among the residents of Madrid contributed to its expansion and the emergence of new branches of the clinic throughout Spain, which attracted the attention of foreign tourists and patients from all over the world. Details
Jorge Diamantopoulos Neurosurgery Oncology Pediatric neurosurgery
Carlos Escalera Almendros Oncology Urology
Diagnostic Price
PET-CT €1400 - €2400
Colonoscopy €700
Bone marrow biopsy
Operation Price
Rhinoplasty (nose job) €8000 - €12800
Liposuction €3740
Chemotherapy €1000 - €8500
Gamma Knife €16000
High intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU) €35000
Nephrectomy €20000 - €25000

Clinic Sanitas SIMA

Barcelona, Spain
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Clinic Sanitas SIMA - is a new general hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain. At this clinic, you can undergo diagnosis and treatment in all medical areas. Sanitas Clinic strengths are: oncology treatment, orthopedics and cardiology. This is one of the best for diagnostic and treatment clinic in Catalonia. It consists of three buildings: the main building, the external consultation center San Odón and La Masía. Details
Nord Klinik Alliance - a network of medical centers in Germany. Medical centers are multidisciplinary and its branches you can found throughout Bremen city. Patients from countries such as: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, choose Bremen Mitte Cancer Center, since this center uses the most advanced technologies in cancer diagnosis and treats patients according to European protocols. Details
Arne-Joern Lemke Oncology
Klaus Luque Ophthalmology
Dieter Hammel Heart Surgery
Mustafa Aydogdu Oncology
Carsten Michael Oberhoff Oncology Obstetrics and Gynecology
Alessandro Marra Oncology
Diagnostic Price
PET-CT $2200 - $4600
MRI $1600 - $1700
Colonoscopy $900 - $1100
Mammography $500 - $700
ECG $700 - $1100
Capsule endoscopy $1400 - $1800
Ultrasound $300 - $400
Biopsy $2500 - $2600

HM Delfos

Barcelona, Spain
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HM Delfos is the main goal of the medical center is to provide the best medical care for all patients and quality service with individual attention to each people. This is the first private clinic in Barcelona, which opened an emergency department, which specializes in surgery and traumatology. Details
Medical Center Düsseldorf is a medical multiprofile institution where you can receive an appointment of any specialist you want. Usually, patients are visited Medical Center to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body, better known as Check-up. Details